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Prime Rib
Prime Rib

Local Restaurants within Maine's Northwestern Mountains Region

You’ll find a variety of restaurants and dining opportunities in Maine’s Northwestern Mountains Region.

Following the COVID-19 impacts, we encourage and support aggressive tactics to keep the public safe. We also are helping to support our local business community in Maine’s Northwestern Mountains.

Whether you don’t feel like braving the grocery stores, are tired of cooking, or want to find a way to support your favorite local restaurants while they’re operating in this reduced capacity, you’ll probably be eating a lot of takeout and delivery in the coming weeks.

Many Restaurants are trying to eke out a bit of business as currently allowed by the state. In most cases, our members that do remain open are limiting their hours, menu, and staff.

However you choose to order, please be sure to tip well — these restaurants, and all restaurants throughout Maine's Northwestern Mountains, could use the extra help right now. Gift Certificates are available for purchase at most Restaurants.


Below is an interactive map and a comprehensive list of local restaurants.