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Moose Watching

July 19, 2020
Looking for something to do that does not require social distancing?  Take a ride along “moose alley”.  Moose alley is the stretch of Route 16 between Stratton and Rangeley.  The best time of day to spot them during July & August is early morning or late afternoon and at dusk time when its cooler.  If you go at dusk time, you can have an added bonus of seeing a spectacular sunset on top of…
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Heading out to leaf-peep this Fall?

September 6, 2019
Fall is on it's way!

FALL IS ON THE WAY AND IT'S TIME TO MAKE YOUR PLANS TO VISIT . . .  Fall begins around Labor Day in the Maine's Northwestern Mountains and continues into the First Part of October.

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Hiking Cranberry Peak

September 2, 2019
Hiking Cranberry Peak
Hiking Cranberry Peak      In the shadow of several of the highest peaks in the state, Cranberry Peak is the most accessible summit in the Bigelow Range. But it’s not for the faint of heart. During this 2,000-foot ascent, hikers will witness a forest bracing itself for Maine’s most brutal weather. Violent winds, glaciation, and logging all left glaring scars on Cranberry Peak’s flanks and…
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Maine High Peaks Scenic Byway

May 16, 2018
Welcome To The Maine High Peaks Scenic Byway
The “Maine High Peaks Scenic Byway” is a road with a story to tell, experiences to share and adventures to chase. They are the connections between the past and the present, where exploration is offered at each curve in the road for motorcyclists, drivers and cyclists. Winter visitors know this byway well, as it connects the historic 19th-century resort town of Kingfield along…
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