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Mount Bigelow, Avery Peak

Mount Bigelow, Avery Peak is a 4,090-foot mountain in the Bigelow Preserve in Franklin/Somerset Counties, Maine. The mountain is named after Major Timothy Bigelow who climbed the rugged summit in 1775 for observation purposes. The majority of the mountain is part of the over 10,000 acres Bigelow Preserve created in 1976.

Bigelow Mountain is a long mountain ridge with several summits including Avery Peak (Myron H. Avery), West Peak at 4,145 feet, The Horns at 3,805 feet, Cranberry Peak at 3,194 feet and Little Bigelow Mountain at roughly 3,070 feet.

Both Bigelow 4000 footer summits have 360° views! This is one of the most scenic hikes in Maine as it overlooks Flagstaff Lake.

The Appalachian Trail, which spans from Georgia to Maine, traverses the mountain.

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