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Crocker Mountain

Crocker Mountain is a 4,228-foot mountain in Maine's Northwestern Mountains Region in Carrabassett Valley, Maine in Franklin County. The mountain is traversed by the Appalachian Trail, which spans from Georgia to Maine.

A glacial cirque called Crocker Cirque is located between Crocker and the lower summit of South Crocker Mountain. The Crocker Cirque contains a small pond which can be accessed via the Appalachian Trail. The Crocker Cirque Tent site is located here, just 0.2 miles off the Appalachian Trail.

All-in-all, Crocker Mountain and South Crocker Mountain are 2 of the easiest 4,000 footer mountains. (hiking in from Caribou Valley Road). The first mile of this hike is relatively flat. After reaching the Tent site, the incline starts and can be steep in areas, but then it goes to a more gradual incline. The connecting trail between the two Crocker mountains is also fairly easy (for a 4,000 footer).

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