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Saddleback the Horn

Saddleback the Horn is a 4,041-foot mountain in Maine's Northwestern Mountains Region in Rangeley, Maine in Franklin County. The Horn is flanked to the Southwest by Saddleback Mountain, to the Northeast by Saddleback Junior and the Northwest by Potato Nubble.

The mountain is also known for its ski resort: Saddleback Maine Ski Resort (we hope you reopen soon), which is on the north side of Saddleback Mountain. The mountain rock is primarily granodiorite, which is similar to granite, but contains more plagioclase feldspar than orthoclase feldspar and formed more than 400 million years ago.

The Appalachian Trail, which spans from Georgia to Maine, runs along the ridge of Saddleback crossing over the summit of that and the Horn.

This is a great mountain to hike along with Saddleback Mountain, being only 1.6 miles apart. Both summits have 360-degree views on a clear day. Views of the lakes region are breath-taking.

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