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Ira Mountain

Riding & Driving Maine’s Northwestern Mountains Country

The best way to experience Maine’s Northwestern Mountains' true flavor is by riding the beautiful back roads of Maine’s Northwestern Mountains Region. Whether you choose to breathe in the fresh air from the back of your motorcycle or gaze at the spectacular views from the seat of your car, you are in for spectacular mountain views, meandering streams and unspoiled forests filled with many species of wildlife.

The Maine High Peaks Scenic Byway, Route 27, from Kingfield to Coburn Gore is just one of the many roads you can travel. Stop at the Kingfield Woodsman, lunch at Longfellow’s also in Kingfield, Sugarloaf Mountain and the Sugar Bowl in Carrabassett Valley or the Stratton Plaza and White Wolf Restaurant in Stratton. Trails End Steak House is the last place for “local fare” before you reach the Canadian border.  You will always find “locals” that welcome you with a smile and “local” knowledge on the best roads to travel for the breathtaking beauty of Maine’s Northwestern Mountains Region.