Mountains of Possibilities… Come Play In Our Backyard


With our sparkling clear weather and brilliant display of foliage, there is no better place to be for Fall leaf peeping than in Maine. If you head North on Route 27 through Farmington and Kingfield, you’ll see the colors begin to change as early as the second week in September. Keep driving North past Sugarloaf and Flagstaff Lake for even more spectacular sights and eventually to the Canadian Border – don’t try to cross without a passport!

Route 27, “Maine High Peaks Scenic Byway”, is a driving tour to fill your leaf-peeping needs with outstanding views and the many colors of Maine’s 57 species of broadleaved trees preparing for Autumn and the Winter ahead. Don’t forget to bring your camera for that once-in-a-lifetime photo of a moose or deer enjoying the waning days of Fall.
In September and October, the Maine Department of Conservation offers weekly reports on foliage conditions throughout the state on its website:  or a toll-free hotline: 1-888-624-6345.