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Moose Watching

July 19, 2020

Looking for something to do that does not require social distancing?  Take a ride along “moose alley”.  Moose alley is the stretch of Route 16 between Stratton and Rangeley.  The best time of day to spot them during July & August is early morning or late afternoon and at dusk time when its cooler.  If you go at dusk time, you can have an added bonus of seeing a spectacular sunset on top of Quill Hill, which is approximately 11 miles out from Stratton on the left.


Here are 8 interesting fun facts about moose.

  1. Moose are huge! The average female tips the scale at about 771lbs and the average male weighs in at 881lbs.  They are known to weigh up to 1800lbs.
  2. Bull moose shed their antlers yearly. After the male moose surpasses one year old, he will grow antlers that will increase in size and weight each year.  Also, a yearly cycle starts where the antlers begin to grow in the Spring right thru to September when the velvet that covers the antlers dries and falls off.  The bulls often rub their antlers on trees which will help the velvet come off.  Then sometime between mid-November and March the antlers will fall off.  The antlers are not used for anything in the summer months, but during mating season in the fall, they are used to intimidate their rivals.
  3. Calves grow quickly and can outrun you by the time they are 5 days old! The baby moose (aka a calf) grows at an amazing pace during its first year.  Calves are born in the spring, gain approximately 1-2 pounds per day working their way up to five pounds per day.
  4. In the Algonquin language, moose means eater of twigs. Moose are herbivores, they must eat all day to fill up.  They eat any kind of vegetation and require almost 10,000 calories per day. 
  5. Moose are powerful swimmers. A moose can dive up to 20 feet under water while holding their breath for up to 30 seconds.  They can also swim up to six miles per hour.  Their hair is hollow, which helps them stay afloat whiling swimming.  It also helps they stay warm during the winter months.
  6. Moose can live up to 20 years. More than 50% of moose are killed by predators while they are calves.  However, if they can survive predators and hunters, they can live up to 20 years.
  7. Moose only live in places that have snow cover in the winter. Moose prefer colder climates, they can not take heat much over 80F.  During hot summer days you’ll often see them in the water trying to stay cool.
  8. Moose are part of the deer family. They are the largest member of the deer family and also the tallest mammals in North America.  A moose can kick in any direction with its front hooves.   

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