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Lexington Highlanders Snowmobile Club

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1654 Long Falls Dam Road
Lexington Township, ME 04961

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Lexington Highlanders Snowmobile Club

Lexington, ME 04961

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The Lexington Highlanders Snowmobile Club and its dedicated groomers take care of almost 60 miles of trails. We cover Lexington, Highland, Concord, and Pleasant Ridge. Our trails connect to Kingfield, New Portland, Bingham, and Carrabassett Valley.

We now have gas, non-ethanol at club house and are open for visitors during snow season, please check FaceBook for hours.

Our major fundraisers are two large Chicken BBQ’S on the Sunday before Memorial Day and the Sunday before Labor Day.  They are always held at the Happy Horseshoe Campground here in Lexington. Come and join us, hear our plans for next season and meet members of our group.  

New folks are ALWAYS welcome!

Some dates to remember:

May 11th 2022  Meeting 7PM

May 25th 2022  Meeting 7PM

May 29th 2022  Chicken Barbeque

June 11th 2022  Clean up groomers 9AM, cookout after

August 10th 2022  Meeting Nomination Committee appointed 7PM

August 24th 2022  Meeting 7PM  Nomination from floor

September 4th 2022  Chicken BBQ

September 28th 2022  Meeting 7PM  Nominations Presented and voted on

October 12th 2022  Meeting 7PM

October 29th 2022 Meeting 6PM  Pot Luck

November 9th 2022  Meeting 7PM

November 26th 2022  Meeting 6PM  Pot Luck