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Kingfield Quad Runners ATV Club

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PO Box 198
Kingfield, ME 04947

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Kingfield Quad Runners ATV Club

Kingfield, ME 04947

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The Kingfield Quad Runners ATV Club has been in existence since July 2003. We are a club whose strong belief is in respecting the land and its owners. 

State regulations for ATV's require written landowner permission for each and every parcel of land that club members traverse.  Without a landowner's permission, we would have no riding privileges.  So, we extend a generous THANK YOU and our appreciation to our current landowners.  We ask everyone that uses these trails to follow the same courtesy to landowners and their property, with respect to state regulations.


Mission Statement

The Kingfield Quad Runners are a group of sportsmen and women promoting the safe and ethical operation of ATVs.  The trails we ride on are on private land which we have gained landowner permission to use.  The Quad Runners respect and maintain the trails on which we ride as well as advocate for public awareness.

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