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Moose Watching

DESPITE THEIR SIZE, these large animals often surprise anglers with their stealth movements. More than one fisherman has told a story of looking up from tying a fly only to realize that he is sharing the water with the paddle-headed beast. Usually docile, use caution, as they have been known to charge people when they feel threatened or are with their young.

Moose are not the best friend of drivers so always be alert. The best times to spot moose are at dusk and dawn from mid-May through July and again in the fall during mating season – they still can be very unpredictable! Moose are also spotted in swamps, near well-traveled roads and can, on occasion, be found along the middle of the road trotting at a speed of up to 35 miles per hour. They are difficult to see at night as the eyes of a moose do not reflect as do the eyes of a deer. A large bull can weigh over 1000 pounds and cows weigh about 750 pounds and do not grow antlers. Both sexes have “bells,” a ball of skin that hangs from their necks. 

Stop at Maine’s Northwestern Mountains Visitors Center, in Carrabassett Valley and our staff will direct you to the best spots to see moose.