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Skiing the snowfield at Sugarloaf

Skiing and Snowboarding

Whether you are a snowboarder, skier: expert or beginner; young, or young at heart, there is terrain that you will enjoy at Sugarloaf in Maine's Northwestern Mountains playground: Green circles 34 trails; Blue squares 49 trails; Black diamonds 39 trails; double-black diamonds 31 trails; Glades 29+ (included in the above) – a total of 162 trails and glades.

3 terrain parks are classified – beginner, intermediate, and advanced: a superpipe and a mini pipe, and snow boardercross and skiercross courses.

The Sugarloaf Ski and Snowboard School offer group and private lessons for every ability and age. What are you waiting for? Come ski and ride in Maine's Northwestern Mountains!

Boarding at Sugarloaf
Skiing at Sugarloaf
Boarding at Sugarloaf
Skiing powder at Sugarloaf
Skking the Snowfiels at Sugarloaf
Riding the Quard at Sugarloaf
Boarding FUN at Sugarloaf
Expert Skier at Sugarloaf
RIding the rails at Suharloaf
I'm going for ut at Sugarloaf