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Flagstaff Landing

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PO Box 199
Eustis, Maine 04936

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Flagstaff Landing / Brickyard Hollow
9 Tranquility Lane
Eustis, Maine 04936

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A Historic converted barn full of rustic charm, our lodge is 10 miles from Sugarloaf and surrounded by trails and outdoor activities. Flagstaff landing consists of 6 individual guest rooms each with their own private bathroom, a shared outdoor patio and lawn space with a firepit, a dock with access to canoes and kayaks, and we are located just minutes to the nearest convenience stores and restaurants. We also are home to Brickyard Hollow’s Eustis location located on the first floor of our lodge (please consider this when booking with us). We have everything you need to make your Eustis getaway the very best that it can be.  

Brickyard Hollow is excited to bring our passion for traditional-style craft beer, gourmet pizza, and community involvement to our new location at Flagstaff Landing in Eustis, Maine.

At Flagstaff Landing, you’ll experience Brickyard Hollow like never before. Surrounded by stunning mountain views and the peaceful waters of Flagstaff Lake, our location offers a relaxing atmosphere unlike anything near the coast. If you’re looking for all the comfort and delicious food of Portland without the hustle and bustle, this is the place to be.

Why choose Brickyard Hollow? Our pizza artisans are on par with the best in New England, and that’s just the beginning. Our house-crafted brews are a draw in their own right, and at our Flagstaff Landing location, you’ll find unique extras like cheese plates and specials you won’t find anywhere else. Come and experience the best of Brickyard Hollow in the beautiful Maine wilderness.