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Dead River Area Historical Society

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PO Box 15
Stratton, ME 04982

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Dead River Area Historical Society
10 Main Street
Stratton, Maine 04982

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The Dead River Area Historical Society is a qualifying 501(c)3 non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Maine in 1979.  Our mission is to preserve and promote interest in the history of the Dead River area, which includes Dead River Plantation, Flagstaff Village, Coplin Plantation, and Eustis/Stratton. 

Collections from 1850 include artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, old carpentry and logging tools, china, glass, church organ, furniture from native families, a complete schoolroom, a memorial exhibit to the "lost" towns of Flagstaff and Dead River Plantation, the lineage of several native families, and a host of memorabilia from native homesteads.

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