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Carrabassett Valley Jewelry

Unique Jewelry created just for you. Simple, classic, and timeless, it will become your signature piece. 

Carrabassett Valley Jewelry was started in 2006. The designs and stories for these designs are often inspired by everyday objects or the natural world. Each piece is specifically designed with classic lines and simple beauty to appeal to those who enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle. 

Sterling silver has the added benefit of being much less costly to replace than a similar piece made with gold or platinum misplaced in the great outdoors. The majority of our collections are fabricated from sheets of sterling silver, and the designs are hand-cut into the piece with a jeweler’s saw. Some have natural gemstones set as accents to the pierced design, and some are created by melting and/or forging Argentium® wire.

Many of our customers grow attached not only to the jewelry but also to the original story or poem which accompanies each design. Each piece is signed and dated on the back before being sent to a good home!