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Arbor Mountain Tree Service

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PO Box 89
Kingfield, ME 04947

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Arbor Mountain Tree Service
158 West Kingfield Rd
Kingfield, ME 04947

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Tree Removal - Pruning - Chipping - Firewood and Wood Chip Delivery,

Arbor Tree Service Equipment

Tree Care And Difficult Removals.

Arbor Mountain Tree Service located In Kingfield, Maine, and is close to
all of Maines Northwestern Mountains.
We have a 65' Forestry Bucket Truck, Chipper, Log Truck,
Small Log Trailer, and Small Dump Truck.

If our equipment cannot reach, then years of Safe And Professional Tree Climbing
will be able to do the trick.

Arbor Mountain Tree Service Bucket Truck at work.

Experienced arborist in tree removals. 
We have all the right equipment for any job given. 
Fully licensed & insured. Free estimates.

Arbor Tree Service - Job well done

Storm Down Trees can be severe, Just a friendly reminder to homeowners –
try not to remove a hazardous tree that is on your house,
property or on/near your powerlines. It is dangerous!

Winter Storm Damage

"TREES ARE MY BUSINESS"   207-399-3215

Arbor Mountain Tree Service at work!

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