Mountains of Possibilities… Come Play In Our Backyard

Wednesday Night Women's Ride

May 12, 2021
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Sugarloaf Outdoor Center
This is an all ability, no drop, friendly and encouraging ride! Bring a friend, some water, learn the trails and meeting some new women to ride with!
As with a lot of things these days, it will look a little different, but we will be taking simple precautions to make sure we can have a safe and fun time. We all know the drill by now, mask up when we are grouped together and please bring a mask with you on the ride.
Please sign the annual NEMBA WAIVER here (it only needs to be signed once per year):
And please familiarize yourself with the NEMBA ride guidelines here:
Hope to see you then! #crnemba #spinninsugar
**RSVPing through this event page (“Going” or “Interested”) is the best way to stay up to date as you’ll receive a Facebook alert notification if new posts are added to the page.
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